Monday, October 14, 2013

My Practice Quilt

Second, more complicated art quilt. LOVE THE RESULTS!

To help learn the skills of creating a photo inspired quilt, I decided to re-create a quilt from the book "Photo Inspired Quilts", by Leni Weiner. The quilt I chose to make was called "The Girl With the Pearl Earring". The quilt is based on a painting by artist Johann Vermeer.

Making the quilt involved creating a pattern, selecting the fabric, cutting out the fabric, gluing the fabric to a background, stitching the pieces in place and finishing with a batting and backing. The entire process was a lot of fun and very relaxing. It made me feel very creative and helped me to build my sewing skills. One thing I will have to be careful with in the future is not to pull the fabric. The other thing I will do is to choose my topstich fabrics carefully. I can't wait to design my original art quilt. 

While designing I will keep in mind that perfectionism kills creativity and that everything is a remix (heard on TED). 

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