Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Re-inventing Myself as a Narrative Quilt Artist

Along my re-invention journey I discovered that I love narrative quilts! When I see narrative quilts,  I am in awe of their beauty and the stories behind them. Last Christmas,  I made this quilt for Dad & Barb. It depicts the two of them at home, with a view of the backyard, having an enjoyable afternoon.

Quilt I made for my Dad & Barb for Christmas 2012

My fascination for narrative quilts along with a close look at what I value prompted me to create a new vision for my life. Here is my new vision.......

My Vision (6/7/13)
I am a narrative quilt artist. I tell stories of people’s lives through beautiful quilts. I make quilts that hang in galleries. I have workshops in which I teach others how to tell stories through quilts. I am working on a children’s book that uses quilts as illustrations. I do library programs that include storytelling and quilts. I go to schools to help students build quilts about what they are studying. I have started a non-profit to help troubled youth to tell their stories through quilts. I have a loving family who is supportive of my work. I travel and love to look at fabrics from the places that I visit. I am an avid cell player and also a gardener and cook.
I tell about the Japanese American experience. I am mindful, healthy and kind. I have strong ties to the community and encourage others to create the life of their dreams. I serve as a model to others to grow and take risks. I am grateful for each day.
I can make a difference using my quilting in the following ways:
-give quilts to help non-profits with fundraising
-celebrate a person or organization by creating a commissioned quilt
-tell the stories of a community
-bring a community together by helping them make a group quilt
-teach quilting to incarcerated youth
-help adults to learn a new skill and grow
-teach kids quilting as an extension of their curriculum
I want to be the Nikki McClure of Narrative Quilting

I want my life to be about: creating, helping to improve the lives of others, learning about people’s lives, telling the Japanese American experience, less rush, a simpler life, being mindful, a healthy lifestyle, less reliance on technology, relationships, making the world a better place, appreciation of nature, art & music, organizing others, gratitude, kindness, community, encouraging others to create the life of their dreams, personal growth, self help, taking risks. 

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